Doug Clayton

Residing in Council Bluffs, IA, Doug Clayton retired from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources in 2007 after more than 29 years as a State Conservation Officer (Game Warden).

Doug first became involved with bowhunter education in 1984 when he took the class and then became an instructor the same year. While serving on the board of directors with the Iowa Bowhunters Association (1990-99) and after several years of dialog, the IBA partnered with the DNR. The DNR agreed to add the IBEP course to its hunter education program. Thereby the DNR became the administrator of the course and the IBA provided the volunteers to help teach the program.

Doug considers it an honor to have served on the NBEF board since 2001 and also currently serves on the Pope and Young Club board as a Director. Doug also has life memberships in both the Professional Bowhunters Society and Compton Traditional Bowhunters.


Stephen George
Vice President

Stephen George, PWS is an avid bow hunter and professional biologist who resides in northern New York State. He is a NYSDEC certified hunter education instructor in bow hunting, general hunter ed., trapper education and waterfowl identification. He is a NYS Master Instructor and hunter ed. County Coordinator for Fulton County. He has been involved with the NBEF since 2004. He is also a board member of Pine Tree Rifle Club in Johnstown NY and heads up the 3-D archery events and the hunter education programs for the club.


Gary Brunberg


Dennis Fredrickson

Dennis began bowhunting his senior year in high school but it wasn’t until four years later that he bagged his first buck with a bow. It was a small 4x4 and his bow was a Fred Bear take down recurve. Exactly one year later in the same location he took his second deer with his bow, a larger 8 point.

In 1974 Dennis joined the Kansas Bowhunters Association and in 1979 was one of the original 30 bowhunters who became certified IBEP instructors by William Wadsworth. Dennis became a Master Bowhunter Education Instructor and has been the Kansas Bowhunters Association’s Bowhunter Education Chairman since 1990. He is also a certified NASP instructor.


Steve Hall

Steve retired from Texas Parks and Wildlife with 26 years of service, most of those years as Education Director. He and his teams led programs that include mandatory hunter, bow hunter and boater education, target range grants, the sporting clays mobile range, a 4-H Shooting Sports partnership, aquatic education, Outdoors-Woman (BOW), Parrie Haynes Youth Ranch and the Archery in Schools Program. He has served as president and vice president of the International Hunter Education Association. In addition to serving on the NBEF Board, Steve currently serves on the boards of the Kid’s Outdoor Zone and Austin Woods and Waters. He was inducted in the IHEA Hall of Fame in 2004 and recently into the Texas Hunter Education Hall of Fame. He is married to wife, Karen (23 yrs.) and they have a son, Ryan (19) at Texas Tech and daughter, Sarah (15) at Bowie High School in Austin. He loves to fly fish, bowhunt, and shoot shotguns; but, mostly he is all about teaching young people about the outdoors, conservation and wildlife.


Joel Klammer


John (Jack) Frost, M.D.

John D. “Jack” Frost killed his first animal with a bow at age 7 in 1952. He is the first archer to have taken and recorded in the P&Y records at least one of each of the 29 species recognized by Pope and Young. In 1985 he was the first bowhunter to take all four species of North American wild sheep. Also in 1985 he killed an Alaskan Brown Bear that was the Pope and Young world record for 18 years. Internationally he has hunted all of the continents except Antarctica and taken many additional species. He is an orthopedic surgeon and private pilot who resides in Alaska. He has served on the NBEF board for over ten years. He has also served on the Pope and Young Club Board of directors and is the Legislative Vice President for the Alaskan Bowhunters Association. He has been an instructor of the IBEP Course in Alaska for over 20 years and has written stories and articles for bowhunting publications. He has been a seminar speaker at many state bowhunting conventions and supports many hunting organizations with his memberships, donations and time.


Roy Grimes

Roy is a native Kentuckian with degrees in Forestry and Wildlife Science. Who would have known while he spent years with the Missouri, Kansas and Kentucky wildlife agencies that he would become the instigator and renowned for his work with the National Archery in the Schools Program? Currently Roy serves as President of NASP which has grown from a mere handful of schools to over 10,000 schools and over a million youngsters all shooting archery during their school’s physical education program.

Bowhunting has been Roy’s passion since 1970 and he has been a Pope and Young measurer since 1979. Among the many honors bestowed on Roy, he was the biologist of the year for Indiana in 1984, the Shikar SCI Wildlife Officer of the Year in Indiana in 1985, Employee of the Year for the Missouri Department of Conservation in 1994, RMEF Volunteer of the SE US in 2001, NBEF/IBO Educator of the Year in 2010, and SCI Educator of the Year in 2011.


CJ Winand

C.J. is a wildlife biologist and an outdoor writer for Bowhunter Magazine’s "Hunting Whitetails" column. He is the recipient of the Quality Deer Management Association's (QDMA) first "Signpost Award." This Communicator of the Year award recognizes the contributions of an outdoor journalist who has done their professional best to circulate accurate information regarding biologically sound deer management.

CJ has served on the Educational Review Committee for the National Rifle Association's Whitetail Deer Hunter Clinic Program and is a featured seminar speaker on the NRA's Great American Hunters Tour. In addition, he has worked on a Master’s of Science degree in Wildlife Management at West Virginia University under Dr. David Samuel (Conservation Editor for Bowhunter magazine). C.J. has also served as the National Promotional Director for Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry (FHFH) and as a Conservation Committee member for the Pope and Young Club (P&Y). CJ gives numerous deer seminars which are intended to elevate the hunters’ savvy and contain information based on actual field research conducted by CJ and other prominent wildlife biologists.


Jeff Waring

Jeff is a professional communicator, long-time bowhunter, and student of archery history. He is the publisher of Bowhunter and Petersen’s Bowhunting magazines. Based out of Harrisburg, PA, Jeff oversees all business aspects of these multi-media brands from print to online to television. Through this role, he knows only too well the necessity and value of Bowhunter Education.





Andres Gejer
Region: Europe

In midlife, Anders Gejer resides in Sweden and has bowhunted for many years. Anders enjoys hunting with all legal equipment. He enjoys trapping, hunting with shotgun or rifle but he really prefers his bows. Over time he has visited many places in pursuit of game: Europe of course, North America, Africa and New Zealand. Ander’s first contact with the NBEF was through Dr. Dave Samuel who conducted a seminar in Denmark in the late 1980´s. Dave had a great influence on Ander’s at that time and is still a profound resource of facts as Anders and other members of the European Bowhunters Association endeavor to get bowhunting legalized in more and more European countries. Anders has taught countless bowhunter education classes all over Europe and recently instructor classes in Lithuania and Slovakia.


Stephen Spencer
Region: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio & Wisconsin

Stephen Spencer has been teaching Bowhunter Education since 2003 and has been the Program Chairman for Indiana since 2006. Stephen is a volunteer Hunter Education Instructor for Indiana Department of Natural Resources, teaching, with a special focus on tree-stand safety at the state level. Stephen has been teaching 4-H archery for more than 10 years, and has volunteered with the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP).
Stephen picked up his first bow more than 30 years ago, and began bowhunting at the age of 16. When he’s not teaching or hunting, Stephen spends his spare time working on his Alfa Romeo project car.


Paul Topham
Region: Vermont, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia & West Virginia

Paul has been hunting with a bow since he was just a kid. ‘Mostly small game animals as there weren’t a lot of deer around. He really started hunting deer and other big game animals in his 30’s and took his first deer with a Darton 50mx compound bow. All animals taken since that time have been with a longbow or recurve.

Paul became involved with the NBEF in the 80’s. He started as a bowhunter ed instructor in Massachusetts and quickly moved up to become the Massachusetts State Chairman. Shortly after that he was asked to become a Regional Coordinator. Paul says the main reason that he is so involved with teaching bowhunter education is that bowhunting is his passion and he wants to pass on his hard earned knowledge to others. He also wants other hunters to learn the safe and ethical way to hunt. Paul feels that bowhunter education is for new as well as seasoned hunters so that everyone can enjoy the chance to hunt for generations to come.


Dave Bauer
Region: Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wyoming & South Dakota

Dave has been archery hunting since 1973 when he was 17 years old and has been teaching bowhunter education since 1989. While he enjoys bowhunting most animals, elk is always number one. Dave has taken 21 elk with his bow. Bowhunting for turkey is number two on the list and he has been fortunate to harvest 5 turkeys with a bow in Colorado. Dave views whitetail as more of a challenge to hunt than elk and has harvested one deer out of ten attempts.
When Dave is not bowhunting, he is a grade school teacher for the Denver public school system.


Curtis Hermann
Region: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon & Washington

Curtis joined his first archery club in 1953 at age 11 - the Pronghorn Archers of Gillette, Wyoming, a club that still exists today. He was the Wyoming Youth State Champion Archer in 1956 and 1957 and currently is a competitive traditional style archer. Curtis is also an NFAA member and a member of the Conejos Valley Archers (since 1971) of Simi Valley, California and a current member of the Traditional Bowhunters of California. Curtis has also been a past member of the Conejos Valley Bowhunters and the Silver Arrow Bowhunters, the Lubbock Archers (Lubbock Texas) and Malibu Mountain Archery Club, Malibu, CA. He is a past associate member of PBS and current associate member of Pope & Young Club.

Curtis joined the NBEF in 1983 as an Instructor and became a Master Instructor, he was California IBEP state Chairman from 1994 - 2005 and held the Bowhunter Education seat on the BOD for the California Bowman Hunters State Archery Association.


Curtis Rhodes
Region: Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas

Curtis was born and raised near Buffalo, NY. By the age of 5, fishing and being in the outdoors in general became a priority. To pursue hunting he took the mandatory hunter education course at age 14 and when 16 years of age he could finally purchase a big game license and first bow tag. With some great friends and neighbors as mentors, bow hunting was successful for several years. Prior to it being mandatory in NY State, he enrolled in a bowhunter education class. After taking the class, Curtis knew that class was something he wanted to be a part of. Even thought he was just out of college and working full time as an Engineer, he took the time to become an instructor in 1980.

As the years have come and gone, Curtis has been able to hunt and fish in most of North America. Curtis still teaches bowhunter education classes as well as many other types of advanced workshops related to the outdoors. Curtis travels extensively and enjoys pursuing new experiences hunting with the bow and arrow.



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